HachaMecha Matsuri Vol.1 – Report

The first live event of Mitsume Temo Season 3 was a great success.
I would like to thank everyone who took part to the event.

I would also like to thank all the other groups that took part to the event, in particular the idol group MechaHai (who actually hosted the event).
It was great to be able to meet other idol groups and I really wish to have chance to collaborate more with all the other artists who took part to the event.

Regarding our performance, we made an exclusive version of “How to Make Onigiri” titled “Special Lesson: MechaHai Onigiri” followed by the dance of “The Super Ribbon Song”, “La Festa del Patata” and “PaPePiPo! Help Me!”

We are also editing a video report of the event (and its backstage) that should be online soon. Stay tuned.

Solo and Fritto debut

In addition to be Mitsume Temo Season 3 first live event, HachaMecha Matsuri Vol.1 was also the debut event of the 2 new members of our Season 3: Solo and Fritto.

Myata (Solo) and Lily (Fritto) are both “real life” classmates of Nyanchi (Temo) and Kaoru (Bibirba). So, as in the “virtual” version (in which Temo and her friends are are classmates), our Season 3 members are classmates as well.

You can find more info on the new members on Season 3 page.

As I have told you previously, Solo and Fritto will also “work” as reporters for the new online gourmet guide that will be hosted on http://www.solofritto.tv

The website is still under redesign, but as soon it will be ready expect to hear and see even more from Solo and Fritto.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013

From the 20th to the 23rd of March we will exhibit at Tokyo International Anime Fair (TIAF), at Tokyo Big Sight. Out booth is the B-33. You can find all the access information on TIAF website.

The 20th and 21st will be Business day and won’t be open to the public.
The 22nd and 23rd will be Public Day and you can (and should) come visit us.

On the 22nd on Temo and Bibirba will attend at the stand, but on the 23rd you can meet the whole Season 3 including Solo and Fritto.

We will also held a handshake and a sign event where you will also be able to take pictures with Season 3 members. The event will be held from 15pm to 16pm on Sunday 23rd.

If you come to see our booth you will also receive our exclusive point card (or, if you already have it, you’ll get one point, so don’t forget to bring it!) and some exclusive limited editions printed matters.

About gifts

If you are going to bring gifts to our Season 3 Members just remember our gift rules:

- Only food gifts are accepted. No other kind of items will be accepted
- The value of the gift should be below 1500 yen. Gift more expensive that 1500 yen will not be accepted.
- Letters and drawings are welcome, but we may post them on our website, so only bring them if you accept that they may be published.
- Don’t wrap your gift and make sure that the gift itself is clearly visible.

Thank you for your cooperation.
See you at Tokyo International Anime Fair.