What is SoloFritto?

SoloFritto was a 4 months time-limited charfood which opened in 2012 in Tokyo central area.

A charfood is the acronym of “character fast food”.
SoloFritto was in fact a fast food where you could have met our lovely characters Solo and Fritto.

SoloFritto was our first licensing program, and it was a beautiful experience.
We have had the possibility of having direct contact with our fans and customers, which would have had in return the chance to have fun and spend some time with our lovely characters.

We also had a dedicated website at http://www.solofritto.tv, which was operating during the 4 months of shop-activity. Now we have moved most of the content on this website.

SoloFritto opening event

The opening event of SoloFritto was done in collaboration with the net-idols 1Nen25Gumi, which at that time were also collaborating with us as models for Mitsume Temo Season 2.
Here you can find an excerpt of our opening event.

Talking about 1Nen25Gumi, we want to thank Miriy, who worked as well at the shop.

Other events

Even if the shop was a limited time shop we still have SoloFritto related events.
One of the event we held was at Tokyo International Anime Fair.
You can see an excerpt here.

But more events are planned for the future! So, stay tuned for more info and news on SoloFritto!