4 Years Anniversary

On November 17th 2013, Mitsume Temo has had her 4th anniversary!
As always we would like to thank you all for your continued and belowed support.
It’s because of you all that Temo keeps living and that me and all the other members of the team get the strength and the energy necessary to keep going on.
We love you all, really!

For Temo’s 4th anniversary we have started to distribute our 120 pages pilot manga that will be initially released on DeviantArt, 1 page every 2 days; then the whole version will be available on this website.
This is our present for you all for having keep supporting us for these 4 long years. We really hope you will enjoy it!

Calendar Contest 2014

For Mitsume Temo’s 4th Anniversary, we are also presenting our 2014 Calendar Contest, where you’ll be able to win a 3 months subscription to DeviantArt!

As last time, we will pick the winners in a completely random way so, even if you think that your drawing skills aren’t up for the challenge, don’t worry! Everyone may have a chance to win! Just send us your drawings!

The deadline is for December 31st and the winners will be announced before January 15th, 2014. The calendar will be available few days later we have announced the winners.

Mitsume Temo’s 2014 Calendar Contest rules


Inspired by Mitsume Temo and the Round Earth Committee’s universe, the candidate shall produce an illustration whose subject is Mitsume Temo or any other character of the series.

Any illustration can include more than one character. All designs including inappropriate, offensive, libellous or defamatory, pornographic, sexually explicit, racist or violent contents will be disqualified and eliminated from the competition.

How to enter the competition

Entrants to this contest shall submit their pieces of work from November 19th to no further than December 31st, 2013. Any entrant can submit more than a single work.

All designs must be emailed to the following mail address takisjapan@aim.com or sent through DeviantArt website.

Participants can choose their favourite size and shape, without restrictions.
Entering this contest is absolutely free of charge.

The winners and the prize

Three (3) participants will be picked up randomly and will be awarded with a three (3) month subscription to DeviantArt.
A video of the draw will be posted online as a proof that the winners pick up is completely random.

We will announce the winners and give away the prizes before January 15th 2014.

The calendar

All the works received will be used to make Mitusme Temo’s 2013 Calendar.
The calendar will also be available for download before December 31st, 2012.


All works submitted will remain the exclusive property of the entrant, provided that he or she declares having all the rights on their works, for being an absolutely original creation of their ownership.
By submitting their designs, all entrants agree that the sponsor (Takislab) uses the submitted works for any event, activity of publication involving Mitsume Temo and the Round Earth Committee, at the sponsor’s discretion.
This agreement shall be permanent, free of charge, irrevocable and internationally valid.

What’s up for the next year?

Even if our schedule may change, I want to give you all a small teaser of what is going to happen in the first half of the next year.

We will release one new single, called “Love is Onigiri”. I would really love to tell you more on this but I don’t want to spoil anithing.

Our iPhone App and Temo’s first game, “Panties and Tentacles”, should be ready soon. It was originally scheduled for this year but the development got more complicated than we expected. Anyway we should have fixed all the major issues and should be available soon.

Regarding our Season 3 a new miniseries of video is coming. Can’t really tell more because we are writing the scripts just now… so I don’t know either what to expect!

That’s all for now!
Please take part to our contest and spread the world on it as well, sharing the news on facebook, twitter or whatever else you use to keep in touch with your friends!