Mitsume Temo

Mitsume Temo (moe and chibi version)
Mitsume Temo is the central character of this series, together with Colombus, the interstellar policeman, and his pet Kurarin, an alien jellyfish.
The high-school girl, aged 16, sees her life change radically when she sorts the alien Kurarin out of a UFO-catcher.
Later on, Temo will be elected Head of the Round Earth Committee by Colombus: for this reason the Committee is also part of the series’ title.
Among all Temo’s characteristics, one needs to be mentioned: she totally loves pink ribbons.


Kurarin (moe and chibi version)
Kurarin is an alien jellyfish coming from planet Kuramondo.
Like all Kuramondians, Kurarin has special powers and it has been assigned to assist agent Colombus. Every policeman can activate his Kuramondian’s powers, as long as they follow the included instruction manual… by the book.
Unfortunately, Kurarin’s manual is lost by Colombus… and while at first, Kurarin will not be able to use its special gifts, thanks to Temo it will regain the strength needed for its powers…


Colombus (moe and chibi version)
Colombus is an Interstellar Police officer engaged in seeking Pupo, an alien that has transformed the Earth from round to flat.
For his quest, he has been assigned Kurarin as his assistant but unfortunately he seems to have lost Kurarin’s instruction manual, without which it is almost impossible to activate its special powers…
He will eventually have to rely on Temo’s precious help, to accomplish his mission.
Lazy and especially unused to human habits, Colombus is keener on getting into trouble than being well succeeded…


Bibirba (moe and chibi version)
Bibirba is Temo’s soon-to-be best friend and current schoolmate.
She is a tomboy kind of girl and of course, she is also very brave.
Bibirba owns an Onigiri (japanese rice balls) coffee-shop where, in the back shop, she secretly hides an Onigiri robot. She also enjoys talking to an imaginary friend, who also happens to be… an Onigiri.


Rococo in her school uniform and lolita dress (moe and chibi version)
Rococo is Temo and Bibirba’s schoolmate and friend.
She loves dancing and singing and aims to become a very famous Internet Idol. She has formed an idol unit with Temo and Bibirba.
On her spare time, Rococo dresses up like a goth-lolita, getting completely unrecognizable. And while walking on her alternative shoes, she will meet Raphael and it will be love at first sight between them.
Unfortunately, Raphael and Colombus are enemies and it is exactly this hate they share that’ll cause her some troubles with her pals…


Saya (moe and chibi version)
Saya is a classmate of Temo and Bibirba. She is an android that has been built by Bibirba. Her main function is to translate foreing languages using a cassette player that she has inside her belt. One day, by accident, Bibirba finds out that by inserting a music tape inside Saya’s cassette player,  she will be able to sing using the voice recorded onto the tape.
She ends up becoming a singer and sometimes performs with Rococo’s Idol group.


Solo (moe and chibi version)
Solo is a bit thick and naïve.
She is crazy about Italy and everything Italian, from fashion to cuisine, although most of the times she does not even understand what it is about.
She is often wrong with the pronunciation of Italian words and she mixes udon up with spaghetti or tempura with fried food.


Fritto (moe and chibi)
Fritto is clever and cunning.
She is a Japan enthusiast and an extreme nationalist.
She is xenophobic and hates all imported stuff.
She is always correcting Solo when she is wrong with something.
Actually, she does not even know why they hang out together, being so different from one another.


Yui (moe and chibi version)
Yui is a descendant of the Japanese imperial family. Although she has grown up attending the high society, she enjoys mundane activities more and dreams to have a normal job and a normal life outside the high class elite. She often hangs out with her uncle, a scientist called Hiroshi.


Pupo (moe and chibi version)
CEO of a toys manufacturing alien company, the young Pupo lands onto Earth to test his new collection of toys.
In love with our planet, he will take advantage of the effects his toys produce, eventually transforming the Earth from round to flat. He will also have a huge personal playground built onto the planet’s bottom side.
As long as the story goes, Pupo will be experimenting different toys and, by doing so, he will change history a little bit… thanks to him, there will be pink dinosaurs, milky seas and a flat Earth…


Raphael (moe and chibi)
He is Pupo’s babysitter and his right-hand man.
Fed up with his job, Raphael is secretly interested in conquering the planet Earth.
In the past, Raphael had attended the Pink Ribbon Interstellar Police Academy with Colombo but without passing the final test.
Willing to own a Kuramondian jellyfish only for him, Raphael steals Kurarin’s instruction manual, convinced that a Kuramondian’s powers are the key factor to conquer the World.